Local Nets

Station W8GBH Weather Net
145.210 PL 103.5 FM repeater weather net operates during any
weather event affecting Belmont county in an adverse way.
All ham operators are welcome to check in and report weather in their area.

Ohio Valley ARES / RACES Net
Saturday 9:30am 146.715 PL 110.9 and 441.950 PL 123. Followed by ARES FM Simplex Net on 147.420
Saturday W.V.Link digital net at 10am on 146.715, 145.210 and 443.025 repeaters.

Club net every Sunday at 7:00 PM on the 146.760 PL 67 or 79.7 repeater.
This is an open net and all amateur radio operators are welcome to check in.